Los Angeles Premiere Bilingual Preschool


Welcome to lilac – little learning academy, a high-quality childcare and preschool in Los Angeles, offering bilingual early education in German and English. 

Our program provides a rounded curriculum and enriching care through play-based learning. We offer a nurturing and inviting environment with age appropriate activities for each age group, guided by our certified teachers.

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Infant Care

6 months to 18 months


18 months to 36 months


3 years to about 5 years

lilac’s mission is to provide a unique and enriching experience through care and meaningful relationships between teachers, children and their parents. We see the whole child and through education and support in all domains of development, we strive to help children become fully integrated members of our society that are respectful with each other and the environment.

Stephanie Raleigh, Owner/Founder

Our Story

lilac – little learning academy formerly known as KinderHouseLA was founded by Stephanie Raleigh in 2012 as an in-home childcare on the Westside of Los Angeles.  Stephanie, born in Hamburg, Germany with her passion to travel and explore, had the opportunity to live in Germany and South Africa before she settled in Los Angeles, CA in 2006 where she started her career in Early Childhood Education. Stephanie’s profound interest for child development lead her to guide children into an early start towards the love of learning, language, and nature.

Her connection to nature is reflected in the beautiful environment she created: a green and lush garden that is the heart of lilac’s outdoor space.  Natural colors, furniture, and toys emphasize the importance of beauty and esthetics and allow children to enjoy gorgeous trees, flowers, and grassy areas to play and relax. 

Stephanie assembled a dedicated team of educators with shared values and ambitions in creating a caring, creative and inspiring environment and community. All team members are well travelled, speak multiple languages, lived abroad, and love the outdoors. 

The beautiful lilac flower has become a symbol of what we stand for: a collection of small pieces that come together and only in its wholesomeness becomes the unique and gentle unit that can help children grow to their full potentials. 


Having studied child development and early education philosophies, such as Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf and Resources for Infant Educares (RIE), and many more, Stephanie believes that there in not one philosophy that serves all children.  This is why she branched off and created her own program incorporating proven methods and practices of many traditional curricula. …


lilac’s curriculum topics are based on seasonal and cultural events as well as the children’s interests, which we discuss during circle time in the morning. The overall principles of our program are rooted in elements of traditional curricula, such as Reggio Emilia, Montessori and Magda Gerber’s RIE (Resources for Infant Educares) and paired with meaningful …


Children should develop healthy eating early on. At lilac – little learning academy we understand that as educators we play an impactful role in influencing positive habit patterns.  In our weekly cooking and baking classes we teach children the importance and fun of healthy food and socializing skills at shared mealtimes. Together we learn to respect …


Our teachers are passionate about your child’s learning experience. We recognize that each child develops and learns differently, so lilac’s educators compose learning activities that fit the needs of your child best. Our teachers are dedicated to creating a rich environment for all children in our care by providing age appropriate and interactive learning opportunities. In …

Our Educators

Daily Schedule

It is important to recognize the balance between learning experiences and play activities. Daily schedules are developed carefully and intentionally with the following in mind: Matching the age and abilities of the children. Outdoor time, both structured and unstructured, every day. At least two large blocks of time for child-directed learning and include morning circle and afternoon …

Health and Safety

The safety and health of your child is our top priority.  Being based in Southern California, lilac – little learning academy is aware of Earthquakes and other disasters that might occur.  We follow all safety standards according the California Department of Public Health (cdph.ca.gov, 2020).  We have an emergency preparedness and risk communication plan in …

This is a long overdue post. My son has been at KinderHouse LA/ lilac little learning academy since he was 10 months old (he is now 20 months old). I cannot imagine a more perfect setup for childcare. Stephanie, Suly, Rocky and Cherie are all AMAZING. They are skilled caregivers, passionate educators, and devoted people.  The …

Neela H.

My son has been part of the KinderHouseLA / lilac – little learning academy family since he was 18 months old. He is now 4. Stephanie is a loving, caring teacher/owner with a  master’s degree in early childhood education.  She and her loving staff are constantly striving to maintain a safe and nurturing environment for the children.  …

Zoe L.

Today was our last day at KinderHouseLA / lilac – little learning academy, and we are incredibly sad to say goodbye.  This is an outstanding daycare among many great ones on the westside.  Stephanie, the director, is top notch at all she is doing at the daycare. She is a loving educator who really understands …

Susanne N.