Daily Schedule

It is important to recognize the balance between learning experiences and play activities. Daily schedules are developed carefully and intentionally with the following in mind: Matching the age and abilities of the children. Outdoor time, both structured and unstructured, every day. At least two large blocks of time for child-directed learning and include morning circle and afternoon group time as well as small-group activities. Mealtimes are part of the curriculum and are wonderful socializing experiences.

8:30am -9:15amDrop-off (Free Play)
9:45am – 10:15amCircle Time (Singing, Dancing, Finger Play)
10:15am – 10:30amPotty/ Toileting
10:30am – 11:15amCurriculum Activities / Outdoor Play
11:15am – 11:30amPotty/ Toileting
11:30am – 12:00pmLunch
12:00pm – 12:45pmFine Motor Activities: Art Activities / Puzzles
1:00pm – 2:30pmNaptime
2:30pmPotty / Toileting
2:30pm – 3:00pmGross Motor Activities / Outdoor Play
3:00pm – 3:15pmSnack
3:15pmFirst Pick-Up
3:15pm- 4:00pmDramatic Play / Book Reading
4:00pm – 4:15pmSnack
4:15pm – 4:30pmPotty / Toileting
4:30pm – 4:45pmFree Play