Having studied child development and early education philosophies, such as Reggio Emilia, Montessori, Waldorf and Resources for Infant Educares (RIE), and many more, Stephanie believes that there in not one philosophy that serves all children.  This is why she branched off and created her own program incorporating proven methods and practices of many traditional curricula.   

Our curriculum is child centered, with a main focus on topics that are based on children’s interests and curiosity.  An ideal environment for children is a playground that encourages them to be curious and inquire with their own ideas and thoughts, so that they can become critical thinkers. They need an environment that embraces the beauty of art and music and the freedom to experiment with them freely and in various ways. 

Parents are encouraged to be consciously involved and part of their child’s daily life, bringing in different cultures, backgrounds, and ideas.  Parent-teacher-conference are held on a regular basis and parents are always invited to seek advice, exchange thoughts, ideas and suggestions an contribute to our community in a meaningful way.  For more bonding time we offer extra-curricular monthly activities with all children, parents, and teachers.