Today was our last day at KinderHouseLA / lilac – little learning academy, and we are incredibly sad to say goodbye.  This is an outstanding daycare among many great ones on the westside.  Stephanie, the director, is top notch at all she is doing at the daycare. She is a loving educator who really understands child development and uses practices to help shape the most confident, curious and caring kids.  People are always surprised at the behavior of our child in different settings, and I always give credit to her experience at KinderHouseLA / lilac – little learning academy.  The space is very neat and clean.  The day is varied and organized. The yard is big and beautiful with many options for the kids. They also have the best arts and music enrichment with Cherie Sola.  My daughter loves her classes!  The other teachers also made special connections with my daughter and that was really important to us.  We consider ourselves very lucky to have had our daughter spend most of the first three years of her life here. We will always be grateful for KinderHouseLA / lilac – little learning academy!

Susanne N.

My son has been part of the KinderHouseLA / lilac – little learning academy family since he was 18 months old. He is now 4. Stephanie is a loving, caring teacher/owner with a  master’s degree in early childhood education.  She and her loving staff are constantly striving to maintain a safe and nurturing environment for the children.  Not only is  KinderHouseLA / lilac – little learning academy a dual language German immersion program, it also follows a Reggio inspired philosophy which is right in line with our own positive parenting one.   My son truly loves going here and has made wonderful friends and so have we.

Zoe L.

We have been absolutely thrilled by the care, support and general experience at KinderHouse LA / lilac little learning academy.  My daughter started there almost year ago when she was 15 months old and has been thriving ever since. What I love about KH/lilac is that you have the best of a home care (small size, more intimate/community feel) and of a professional daycare center in that Stephanie and the other staff are specialized and extremely passionate in early education and child development. I feel so grateful leaving my daughter there every day, knowing that she is in such great hands, surrounded by a staff who is invested in her development and is encouraged to play and explore in a safe and fun environment.

Larissa C.

Our twins started at KinderHouseLA / lilac at age 2. We felt so lucky to have found an opening at lilac, it was the perfect childcare for our kids. We loved the German language integration and the loving care they received from Stephanie and her team. There was a good ratio of care givers to students so we always felt comfortable having our kids in their care.  We can highly recommend KinderHouseLA!

Marc J.

This is a long overdue post. My son has been at KinderHouse LA/ lilac little learning academy since he was 10 months old (he is now 20 months old). I cannot imagine a more perfect setup for childcare. Stephanie, Suly, Rocky and Cherie are all AMAZING. They are skilled caregivers, passionate educators, and devoted people.  The kids spend a ton of time outside, doing fun activities that target different skill developments. The kids have tons of free play too, so they get used to playing on their own as well as in groups. There are no tv’s, tablets, or other distracting technology.  The first person that I am going to tell when I am pregnant again is Stephanie, because there is no way I am sending baby #2 anywhere else!

Neela H.

My son has attended KinderHouseLA / lilac little learning academy for a year now and we’ve been so happy with our experience! Truth be told, I had always been wary of in-home daycares, but Stephanie and the teachers she hires have been warm, loving, involved, strict where it counts, responsible and communicative. I was concerned about the German language aspect, as we aren’t German! But my son has totally picked up German as a second language and it even made his English flourish! Stephanie runs a very tight ship (lovingly) which has been helpful for our family. We also like that all the kids play together, so they’re exposed to varying ages and stages and learn how to play, communicate and tolerate children who are older/younger than themselves. My son has made adorable little friends and his socializing and emotional health have blossomed. My husband and I have made wonderful new friends with all the parents and now we hang out all the time! We plan to send our newborn to KH once she’s old enough 🙂

Rebecca S.