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Individualized care routines and daily schedules in cooperation with parents are crucial for quality infant care.  Consistent routines and activities that happen at about the same time and in about the same way each day provide comfort and a sense of safety to young children.  Whether it is time to play, time to eat, a nap or a loved one to return to – knowing what will happen next gives a baby security and emotional stability. 


Creating a daily schedule for toddlers can be challenging. Many toddlers have not yet developed the ability to manage their own feelings and behavior. Consistent routines and activities each day at the same time will help them to feel safe and knowing what will happen next.  At lilac we acknowledge the needs of young children and adjust activities, if necessary, according to a child’s individual needs.  Activities are age appropriate, meaning materials are selected carefully and the length of activities are shorter than for preschoolers. There are also more free play blocks throughout the day.


Studies have shown that children who have supportive and rich early educational experiences enjoy lifelong benefits, such as high academic performances and even positively affected health as adults.  These benefits of preschool are supported by a daily preschool schedule that takes into account children’s developmental needs, from proper nutrition to motor skills. lilac’s preschool day is all about balance: quiet time and play, flexibility and routine, structured lessons and free choice.  lilac children will be prepared emotionally and academically for the transition to kindergarten and the next step of their lives.

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