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Welcome to lilac – little learning academy, a new high-quality childcare and preschool in Franklin, TN offering bilingual early education in German, English, and Spanish. 

Our program offers a rounded curriculum an enriching care through play-based learning. We offer a nurturing and inviting environment with age-appropriate activities for each age group, guided by our certified and qualified teachers.

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Stephanie Raleigh, M.A.

 Stephanie Raleigh, M.A

Stephanie Raleigh, M.A. is a Child Development Specialist who has worked with children for the past 15 years.  She obtained a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology with an emphasis on Early Childhood Education from California State University, Northridge.  In addition, she earned her Bachelor ‘s Degree in Child and Adolescent Development Summa Cum Laude – also from California State University, Northridge.  After a fulfilling career in publishing in Germany, Stephanie moved to Cape Town, South Africa where she became involved in a charitable organization helping HIV/AIDS affected families and children – setting up preschools and daycare centers for abandoned children and helping women establishing an income source through arts and crafts. This ignited a passion for young children and their families and led to the opening of her own preschool in Los Angeles, CA in 2012.   Since then, Stephanie continuously strives to improve the field of Early Childhood Education and has become an advocate for young children and their families.  

Consulting Services

Stephanie Raleigh is a child development specialist and consultant who offers services for parents and childcare professionals alike.  As a childcare owner and director, Stephanie accumulated a deep knowledge of child development and how children learn and grow.  Every child is unique, and children develop at their own pace.  Very often children just need additional support in one area in order to blossom in others.  Stephanie is here to assist parents in addressing concerns and worries, so children can flourish.


  • General development of children
  • Specific areas of development, such as physical, social and emotional, and cognitive development.  
  • Language development; speech delays; bilingual education.
  • Other topics, such as sleep, potty training, nutrition, or death/disease of a family member.

Stephanie’s marketing background allows her to understand the needs of parents in an ever-changing environment and provides potential new childcare facilities the tools to become successful businesses.

Childcare Providers and Professionals:

  • Starting a new childcare business (Home Childcare or Childcare Center)
  • Childcare state regulations and laws
  • Curriculum Planning
  • Marketing and Enrollment
  • Teachers’ Qualifications

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